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We Can Protect Your Financial Interests During a Difficult Divorce

Some partners decide to divorce and complete the process while staying on good terms with each other. It probably does not surprise you to learn that this is rather rare. When strong emotions are involved, anything can set off an argument. One of the most common culprits is financial matters.

When couples split, both parties will face the challenge of having to run a household on half as much money. In some cases, the needs and the earning potential of the parties is so mismatched a court may order the higher-earning party to pay alimony. Also known as spousal support, alimony payments are meant to help partners who may have sacrificed earning potential during the marriage or entered it with the understanding that their spouse would help provide for them.

However, often the higher-earning spouse won’t want to pay, or the partner owed alimony asks for much more than is reasonable. In this case, you can either have a court step in or negotiate your way to an arrangement that satisfies both parties. For either, it’s best to have an experienced and tough attorney on your side.

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Legal Considerations of Alimony

When deciding whether a higher-earning spouse owes support to their ex after a divorce, judges will consider the relative financial states of both parties with an eye for fairness. However, they may also consider fault in a divorce—because if one partner’s actions contributed unduly, a stronger argument can be made that they should support the person whose trust they violated.

If you asked for a divorce because your partner was unfaithful, violent, or in some other way breached the marital agreement, this information can be used to support your position. However, you must be able to put together a strong argument that shows cause—which our attorneys can help you do.

Another aspect judges might consider is whether one spouse’s actions helped the other reach a high-paying position. If you moved across the country for your partner to attend school, giving up a high-paying job you weren’t able to replace or took over household duties so they could put in additional time to hone their skills, you can argue that these sacrifices show you deserve their support now. Especially when children are involved, one spouse often takes on more housework so the other can be the primary provider. This can hurt their earning potential over the long-term, a problem that alimony can help solve.

The Legal Support You Need for Alimony Disagreements

No matter which side of an alimony debate you’re on, it can be difficult to come to a fair agreement without legal support. In some cases, your spouse will not agree to a fair arrangement, meaning litigation is the only option. Our attorneys can take your case to court and provide thorough arguments (and defenses) on your behalf.

Once alimony is set, disagreements may continue. A judge may order the payments be temporary or make them permanent. In some cases, the payor may request they be ended if the other party’s living situation changes. No matter the circumstances you are facing, our attorneys have the experience and dedication to help you fight for a better outcome.

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