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Attorney Dodd Presents “A Masterclass in Cross-Examination” on The Advocacy Podcast

As one of the top-rated trial lawyers in the United States, Attorney Roger J. Dodd is more than happy to take the time to share his knowledge with the legal community — in fact, he makes it a priority. He has co-authored books regarding the techniques he uncovered through trial and error, “Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques” and “Cross-Examination for Depositions,” and has contributed to myriad continuing legal education (CLE) programs and seminars. His reputation and career have made him a compelling guest star on The Advocacy Podcast, hosted by Barrister Bibi Badejo.

As a legal professional herself, Barrister Badejo practices family law from 4 Brick Court in London, England and serves as a Bencher at The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. She founded The Advocacy Podcast because, according to her website, she believes that adopting a growth mindset is the key to becoming a skilled trial lawyer. It follows that the driving belief of the show is that there is no such thing as a lawyer who has finished learning and developing their advocacy skills — “good advocates are not born,” the site explains, but rather made. To help legal advocates grow their skills, the podcast hosts top industry professionals and trial lawyers from England, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S.

Attorney Dodd stood out as a potential guest star because he has received much acclaim for his work as a civil trial lawyer; he was similarly held in high regard throughout his 20 years as a criminal trial attorney. Over the years, his success in court has allowed him to help myriad clients through what were arguably some of the hardest times of their lives. In addition, he has taught in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Washington, D.C., and in the Caribbean, as well as appeared as a commentator on Good Morning America and Court TV.

In the January 23, 2021 episode of The Advocacy Podcast, “A Masterclass in Cross-Examination,” Attorney Dodd shared his insight into how to control witnesses and extrapolated on his top-10 tips for conducting a cross-examination effectively, which include:

  • Talking in terms of three;
  • Introducing one new fact per question;
  • Prioritizing preparation above presentation;
  • Teaching the judge and jury in the form of chapters; and
  • Organizing questions in a way that allows new information to be easily incorporated.

Attorney Dodd also touched on the concept of the constructive cross, a technique in which a trial lawyer focuses more on proving their narrative than debunking that of the defense. If a witness admits to the trial lawyer’s narrative, the case has a much stronger chance of resolving in favor of the plaintiff.

To hear Attorney Dodd’s advice and insights in more detail, we invite you to listen to the full podcast episode here.

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