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Although the average text takes about 5 seconds to send, at 55 miles per hour, this is the equivalent of traveling the length of a football field without looking. For this reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined that texting and driving is the leading form of distracted driving, as well as the most dangerous.

If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and have reason to believe that the other party was guilty of texting and driving, you may have the legal right to sue for compensatory damages. We at Dodd & Kuendig understand that compensation cannot make up for what you have been through, but you deserve the financial support it provides. You may be recompensed for medical bills, lost wages, short- or long-term disability accommodations, pain and suffering, and more.

Our skilled attorneys can help you pursue the maximum compensation to which you are owed, as we will apply all our skills, resources, and experience into litigating your case. Since our firm first opened, we have garnered acclaim for our personalized attention and comprehensive, compassionate counsel, including from prestigious organizations such as Utah Legal Elite, Super Lawyers®, The National Trial Lawyers, and Best Lawyers®. What’s more, there is no risk to working with our attorney team, as we work on a contingency fee basis -- you will not be charged a single cent if we do not win your case.

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Utah Texting and Driving Laws

It is illegal throughout the state to use a cell phone or other handheld device to read, write, and send written communications -- text messages, instant messages, emails, etc. -- while driving. The reason for this legislation is that texting and driving puts everyone on the road at a high risk of injury, which violates the duty of care a person has to others when they operate a motor vehicle. Thus, if you are able to prove that the other party was texting while driving leading up to the accident, it is likely that a court will deem them liable.

At Dodd & Kuendig, one of the questions we hear most often from individuals injured in these accidents is how they can prove that the other party was texting and driving. There are several ways in which you may uncover evidence to do so:

  • Issue a subpoena to obtain the other party’s phone records
  • Consult witnesses and have them testify
  • Refer to the accident report filed with the police
  • Obtain expert testimony
  • Investigate security footage of the accident
  • Reconstruct the accident

Our trial lawyers will explore each of these avenues on your behalf to uncover evidence that the other driver was texting behind the wheel. However, it will be harder to carry out these investigations and consult police officers and witnesses if you wait. After all, everyone’s memory fades with time. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

In distracted driving crashes in Utah, multiple parties could potentially be held liable. This might include the distracted driver themselves, who is primarily responsible for their reckless behavior. However, it's also possible that a company could be held liable if the distracted driver was conducting business at the time of the accident - for instance, if they were sending work emails or texts while driving. Additionally, in cases where a minor is the distracted driver, their parents might be held accountable because they are legally responsible for the actions of their underage children.

At Dodd & Kuendig, our dedicated team of attorneys is ready to scrutinize every detail of your case and identify all potential sources of liability. We are experts at navigating the complexities of distracted driving lawsuits, and we'll go to great lengths to make sure all responsible parties are held accountable for their negligence. We'll coordinate with accident reconstruction specialists, interview witnesses, review police reports and cell phone records, and do whatever else is necessary to build a solid case on your behalf. We are committed to securing the maximum possible compensation for your injuries and losses, and we won't charge any fees unless we win your case.

Important Dates and Deadlines

All injured individuals only have a certain window of time during which they may file a lawsuit. In Park City and throughout the state, this window is set to four years from the date of the accident for cases involving texting and driving. Once this window closes, you will no longer have the right to file a lawsuit against the driver at fault for the accident -- no matter how strong your case is or how terribly you were injured.

This is yet another reason to reach out to an attorney as soon after the accident as possible. Our Dodd & Kuendig attorneys offer free, confidential consultations to new clients without any obligation to move forward. Call (435) 296-7434 today to begin.

We Will Handle Every Aspect of Your Case

As skilled trial lawyers, we will effectively and confidently handle every aspect of your texting and driving accident case. We understand how the other side thinks and know how to fight back against their attempts to minimize their share of the liability. You deserve justice, and we are prepared to put our all into helping you obtain it.

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