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If your loved one was taken from you because of someone else's negligent actions, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses.

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Park City

Our Team is Here to Provide Support & Guidance After a Fatal Accident

After the death of a loved one, sometimes it seems as though the grief will never end. We build our lives around our families and the intricate systems of support, guidance, and care we offer each other. When that is taken away, we must deal with uncertainty and fear along with the heartbreak of losing one of the most important people in our life.

At Dodd & Kuendig, we understand how isolating grief can feel, and we want you to know you’re not alone. Our caring team of attorneys is here to help you access the support and guidance you need to decide whether or not to pursue a wrongful death claim when so much of your life has been overturned. Before you make any decisions—or talk to any insurers—we urge you to reach out to our team. We want to make sure you know and understand your legal options so you can choose what’s right for you.

Our Park City wrongful death lawyers are available at (435) 296-7434 to help with your claim. We offer free consultations in person and via phone.

Why File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

During this time, you and your family deserve all the help you can get. Nothing can make up for the loss of your loved one—but by taking action, you can at least make sure you are provided for as you rebuild your life after your loss.

Wrongful death settlements are meant to alleviate financial pressures, so you have one less thing to worry about. Aside from the great emotional pain your family is suffering, there may be material losses as well. If you relied on your loved one’s paycheck to help cover rent or the mortgage or to keep your family fed, losing that support is just another loss you are forced to deal with.

With a wrongful death claim, you could be able to recover damages such as:

  • Final medical expenses of the deceased
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Lost wages and benefits—current and future
  • Pain and suffering of survivors
  • Loss of companionship

What Makes a Wrongful Death Case?

To prevail in a wrongful death case, you must prove the following elements:

  1. The defendant had a “duty of care” toward the plaintiff—a responsibility to preserve their health and safety.
  2. The defendant failed to act (or not act) in a way that would uphold that obligation.
  3. This failure directly led to an accident that injured the plaintiff.
  4. The plaintiff suffered damages as a result.

Establishing all four of the above proves negligence and allows surviving family members the right to sue for damages. The one exception to this rule is fatal workplace accidents, which would be resolved through a workers’ compensation claim.

A Compassionate Team on Your Side

It takes courage to consider taking legal action despite your grief. At Dodd & Kuendig, we care about each person who comes to talk to us. Your struggles are our struggles—and we are here to offer the support we can. If you’re not sure whether taking legal action is right for you, one of our team members will sit down with you to discuss your case.

We've can help families who have lost loved ones because of:

Call us for a free consultation if you want to learn about your legal options. Our Park City wrongful death attorneys are available at (435) 296-7434.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What is a wrongful death?

    A:A death is considered a "wrongful death" when it occurs because of the negligent, reckless, or illegal actions of another person, corporation, or other third party. If the individual was killed partially or completely due to their own actions, the death may not meet the criteria for wrongful death.

  • Q:How can I sue for wrongful death?

    A:To file a wrongful death lawsuit in Utah it's best to work with an attorney who is experienced with these types of cases. A wrongful death lawyer can review the details of your loved one's death to determine if you have a valid claim, file all necessary paperwork for your insurance claim or lawsuit, and, most importantly, help prove negligence and establish damages.

  • Q:How hard is it to prove wrongful death?

    A:Depending on the circumstances of the wrongful death, negligence may be easy or very challenging to prove. In cases that involve a single person or criminal act, such as drunk driving, negligence is generally easier to prove, as opposed to a bus crash which may involve multiple negligent parties and even government entities. Because each case is different, it's critical to speak with an experienced wrongful death attorney before taking legal action.

  • Q:How much is a wrongful death lawsuit worth?

    A:The value of a wrongful death lawsuit depends entirely on the amount of damages (losses) sustained by the deceased and their family. The heavier your losses, the more compensation you are entitled to. For instance, if the deceased was the primary bread-winner for their family, then their income (both present and future) can be considered a loss. If the deceased required medical care before their passing, then those expenses can also be considered as damages. No attorney can guarantee a specific amount for a wrongful death case, but our team at Dodd & Kuendig can promise to fight for every penny you and your family are entitled to.

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