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Legal Education Is Moving Online. Just Ask Our Team.

When the novel coronavirus outbreak came to the US in March, professional events were suspended across all fields, including law. No one quite knew what to expect—would our conferences and classes be pushed back a month, or canceled for good? Two months into the pandemic, it’s become obvious the return to normal will be slow-going. This slow down will not only effect professional events, but trials and preparation for trial. As attorneys, we rely on year-round learning opportunities to stay current on interpretations of the law and to hone skills in our area of focus. Finding a way to provide these resources despite the complications caused by COVID-19 matters to lawyers and the communities we serve. It matters most to our clients. We have to be on the cutting edge.

Introducing an Educational Webinar Series

After gaining decades of combined experience, Roger and Tricia are committed to giving back to the legal community. And committed to learning the newest techniques to be used by the courts in trials and in preparations for trial. Both have numerous publications and lectures under their belt and have presented at conferences large and small all over the world to help other attorneys raise their level of practice. Since the pandemic hit, these opportunities have (rightfully) been delayed. However, attorneys can still work from home, so there is a need across the field for educational opportunities. Beyond that, both of our lawyers have taught lawyers, judges and others in pro bono (for free) continuing education programs. When the pandemic essentially closed the courts across the world, most lawyers were put out of work. They were hurting financially. Both of our lawyers were contacted and were asked to provide those lawyers with free education.

Roger, after being invited to participate in several webinars hosted by renowned attorneys, had the idea to join the pioneers of online legal learning and host a webinar series with Tricia. Our team has prepared presentations on a wide variety of topics, taking advantage of the capabilities of videoconferencing to give an “in-person” feel to the tips and examples that will be presented. Though it’s different than what we’re used to, both Roger and Tricia are excited by the reach they can attain through webinars. While conferences were once limited to a select number of attendees, thousands of lawyers can choose to tune in to these webinars at any time, from anywhere in the world. Lawyers from Europe, South America and all over Canada now count themselves as students of our lawyers.

For Lawyers, Online Learning WILL Be Here to Stay; Much of Trial Preparations, Hearing and Non-jury Trials Have Been Operating Remotely, And That Will Become Permanent As Well

Another exciting possibility of the webinar format is the chance to collaborate with colleagues across the nation. Roger and Tricia have been admitted to 5 different state courts between them, the Federal Courts, and even the Military Courts, and therefore have connections with outstanding attorneys across the country and beyond. By bringing top players from across the field together, we plan to offer one-of-a-kind educational opportunities that might not be possible without web technologies. As we become more comfortable with the format, it’s likely other attorneys will find creative ways to offer new value via webinar. Even in a post-pandemic world, could online learning become a regular alternative? We continue to serve pro bono in various webinars not just in our traditional areas of practice, but in brand new fields of law created by the necessities created by the ‘new normal’. Lawyers must learn to try entire cases and take depositions in preparation for trials by camera, computer screen and other forms of remote trial. The skills are different. Our lawyers have spent the last months learning the skills and teaching those skills.

We invite all who are interested to watch our social media for announcements of the sessions we will be offering and the guest attorneys who will be joining us. Though we, like all others, are waiting for the day society can return to normal, we are also excited to harness technologies like Zoom to find new ways we can continue to share our knowledge with others. Our offices stay open. We are fully able to represent clients remotely. Now we teach how to do that.

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